Meet me!

Co-owner of Woodland Kennels and Grooming, Kennel Manager and Groomer
I have loved animals since early childhood. At the age of 13, I began working as a dog bather at a grooming parlor near my home town. At age 18, I determined that I would one day open boarding kennels. With that dream in mind, I attended and graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College with a Business Management degree. Now, years later, I am doing just that! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to care for God’s creation and serve you and your furry loved ones. My hope is that you trust me and my love for all animals and come to love Woodland Kennels and Grooming as I do.

Aaron Michelle Pentz (with Josephine Pre)



 Meet Frank!

Co-owner of Woodland Kennels and Grooming, Owner of Pentz Construction
Frank graduated from Alfred State College and then from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Civil Engineering degree. He has been a self-employed contractor since graduating in 1987. He is the owner of Pentz Construction, co-owner of Woodland Kennels and Grooming, as well as my wonderful husband and a spectacular Daddy to our two kids. He is the builder, a life-long dog lover, and Woodland Kennels and Grooming Building Manager… our “Go To Guy.” If you want it done the RIGHT WAY, he is the guy for the job.

Frank G. Pentz



Meet our kids!

Both Ross and Maggie attend Watkins Glen Elementary School and are great “assistants.” They are the hardest working kids I know. They help, not only with chores at home, but also at Woodland Kennels and Grooming. It truly is a family affair.

Ross & Maggie



 Meet my parents, married over 40 years!

My parents have been a great support in our endeavor to open Woodland Kennels and Grooming. They are willing to help out at the kennel whenever and wherever necessary. Dad grew up on a dairy farm in Andover, NY. He is an avid gardener and animal lover (I get it from him). He recently retired from New York State Department of Transportation. Mom recently retired from Buena Vista Wesleyan Church. She, too, is an animal lover and was instrumental in me getting my first job at the pet parlor… WHERE IT ALL BEGAN!

Geniese & Keith Brewster