Q. What is required for my pet’s stay?

A. Several things are required: a completed online reservation request which includes pet profile information and an agreement to our Kennel Contract, proof of vaccinations, food, and any medications needed. The Kennel Contract spells out the responsibilities of Woodland Kennels and the expectation of the pet owner.

Q. Why do you require me to bring my dog’s or cat’s food?

pet foodLike humans, not all pets do well with change and let’s face it, there is a lot of change that takes place when your dog or cat boards. We believe that it is better for the health of your pet that, at the very least, their food remains the same.

Q. Can I bring my dog’s bedding from home?

A. Yes, but please DO NOT BRING IRREPLACEABLE ITEMS. Though we will do our best to keep your items separate from our own, we do many loads of laundry on a daily basis. There is the potential of it getting mixed in.

We provide kennel quilts for every guest, so bringing your own bedding is unnecessary. That being said, if your dog is elderly or has special needs that would require special bedding or a mat, we would ask that you bring it with you. We want your pet to be comfortable.

Q. Why can’t I bring my pet at any time if you are there? Why do you limit your hours like you do?

A. Woodland Kennels and Grooming is a small family run business. I (Aaron) am solely responsible for the day to day running of both the boarding and grooming. In order for it to run smoothly and to accomplish all of my responsibilities, I must manage my time carefully. I have a routine that divides up those responsibilities. This allows me to do an excellent job with the task at hand, whether that is caring for your boarding pet or grooming your pet. Not only does this give me the ability to focus, it also keeps the cost of boarding and grooming down because there isn’t a need to hire additional help.

Q. Who cares for my pet in your absence?

A. My Mom and Dad take care of the kennel in our absence. Both are animal lovers and have been part of the process since the beginning. There is a small write up about them in the Staff section.

Q. Do you accept payment by credit card?

A. Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express with a small fee attached to cover the fee charged by the credit card company.
Woodland Kennels and Grooming accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express